Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves follows the life of Bryn, a human girl living amongst a pack of werewolves. She has had to live and train amongst those that are stronger and faster that her. All of which makes her one tough cookie. But Bryn resists the pack life and the pack mentality as she fiercely tries to keep a sense of her own self. All that goes out the window when she meets Chase, a newly turned werewolf, with whom she forms a unique bond.

As Chase and Bryn's relationship change her life and the dynamics of the pack she deals with a very real threat of a wolf lying claim to Chase's will. Will she be strong enough to help steer Chase out of the thrall of the very much evil and dangerous wolf.

The book is interesting and more or less well written. The entire story felt out of left field with storylines that felt a bit forced and strained. I think the author could have spent a little bit more time on how the bond worked or where it comes from.

Overall, it was a decent book. I wouldn't mind reading the sequel to see what next for Bryn, Chase and her unlikely pack. The end leaves everything rather open and full of possibilities.

The next book in the series
Trial by Fire: A Raised by Wolves Novel

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