Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VTech IS9181 WiFi Streaming Music Device - I love thee, let me count the ways

VTech IS9181 WiFi Internet Radio with Access to Online Content

This is an amazing internet radio. This easy to use device gives you the option of listening to any internet station you want, anywhere in the world. If you know your network password (or key), setup just takes minutes. For me it took 3 hours, all of them trying to find my network key! (I couldn't find where I wrote down the key and then I forgot the password for my network!).

The Vtech IS9181 WiFi Internet radio was easy to set up. You just search for your network, type the password, input your location and start playing music. The interface is very easy to use. In the Internet radio mode you can select stations by region (continent, country and state), or by genre. The screen then lists the stations and you can select them to play. You can add them to you favorites through a simple process in the Menu section. The reception is quite good and the sound is excellent. Although this morning I could not connect to two radio stations I had set up in favorites; both from my same state (CT). The speakers are pretty good and they provide with decent range and volume.

The next option for sources of music is the FM radio. I could not get it to work no matter what I did. I will update later.

This device comes with a cable to connect your iPod or mp3 player. I consider this a great feature. I only wish the controls (music list, seeking) of the iPod could be controlled in the WiFi device or that at least I could see the song list and scroll through it in the screen of the WiFi radio.

You can also get music from your laptop through your WiFi network.

The radio also gives you the weather, after you input your location. It comes with an alarm and you can select whether you want a buzzer, FM radio, or Internet radio. But, as another reviewer pointed out, it does not let you select which Internet radio station.

The controls on the device are ok. It comes with a dial that you can use to scroll through the internet radio stations. This is a bit antiquated but works fine. The device also comes with a control which is very very small but, it works perfectly at scrolling and selecting the music stations. It also has an RCA output.

I played a music station from Puerto Rico, where I am from, this morning and it played great.

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