Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Verbatim Insight - Works ok, but slow, skip the software

VERBATIM 96980 Drive, USB, 500GB, 2.5 in., Portable, Insight Insight

The Verbatin Insight is an ok Hard Drive. I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive-Black which I use as my main backup hard drive. Thus, the Verbatin will be serving me as the hard drive I take when I travel.

The drive looks very sleek with it's curved, glossy and elegant exterior. It is thin and small, but the Seagate Portable Hard Drive is about an inch smaller. It comes with a small USB cable to connect to your computer. It also has a very helpful display, Always On LCD, which requires no external power source, that tells you how much free space is left in the drive. This is a great feature and a definite plus for this drive.

Something to note is that, albeit it advertises 320 GB, the display read 297 GB when I first opened the box. Further inquiry into the system, revealed that the actual hard drive space that it gives you is 297.89 GB.

I plugged in the hard drive to my computer via the provided USB cable. It would not recognize it. There was no sound coming from the hard drive to indicate that it was working and the display merely said `Initializing...' and then it would stop. It definitely took a few tries of plugging, unplugging, moving, looking at in intently and saying 'work!' for my computer to finally recognize it. When it finally did, I heard the hard drive working. I do not know why this was, since my computer recognizes everything else without a problem. So, it must have been a problem with the hard drive not "starting up."

The hard drive comes with "Nero Back It Up 4 Essentials" and you can install it in your computer. Don't. I installed the Nero Backup Software program. Honestly, save yourself the time and trouble and don't install it. It sucks. The installation of the software took forever and the backup software provides very little options. I plan to uninstall it.

I did a back up of my documents using the Nero Software. This will provide you with compressed backup files that are not immediately searchable. Instead, it is a formatted backup; I imagine that it can only be used with the Nero software. A backup of 18.92 GB took 3h:15m:50s (so, 3 hours and 15 minutes). Very slow. I then backed up a folder, My Pictures, using the drag and drop option. I did not time it precisely but it took about 56 minutes to copy 10 GB worth of pictures. Again, average speed. But, it was much simpler to use than the Nero software and your files are readily accessible for you to open, search through and use. Thus, the drag and drop is definitely the best option for this hard drive.

In conclusion, it is an ok portable hard dive with a cool LCD display feature. Considering the price, for just a few dollars more more (less than $10) you can get a Seagate Portable Hard Drive. The software is pretty bad so don't install it. It is painfully slow. Whilst I prefer the Seagate hardrive, this is not a bad alternative.

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