Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grace - Good suspenseful psych and horror film


'Grace' is a good horror film. It has raw horror combined with a psychological component that makes this movie intensely creepy and engulfing.

The movie follows the tragedy of a mother that has to carry her stillborn baby to term. But, when the baby is born, it is alive. And I mean `it' and not `she', because there is something seriously wrong with baby Grace, she does not want her mother's milk, she wants her mother's blood.

At first, I truly doubted that I would like this film; I did not even take it seriously. Then, I found myself being drawn in to the plot, the sick and disturbed plot. This is definitely not for the faint of heart because it will freak you out. Not because of the blood or the scenes; what is truly terrifying about this movie is the sheer possibility of it, the way it messes with your psyche.

My big complaint about this movie is the under-development of the characters, specifically Patricia and the mother-in-law, Vivian (played by Gabrielle Rose). Although Samantha Ferirs performed her part marvelously, we did not see enough of her. Also, we never truly to delve into Vivian's psyche and that could have been far more interesting that the entire movie. Also, the film itself could have been better developed. The cinematography, the score and the tempo of the film were pretty good. The other flaw is the randomness of the Vegan aspect of Madeline's diet (the main character). It was unnecessary and irrelevant.

The DVD extras are good. 'Grace: Conception' is a nice and short featurette about how this movie came to be. 'Grace: Delivery' gives you a nice beyond the scenes about the making of the movie. 'Grace: Family' answers a lot of questions about the character's relations that were never answered in the movie.

The big flaw of this DVD is that it does not contain the original short film that spawned this movie.

The other featurettes are Grace at Sundance, Her Mother's Eyes (about the production design), Look of Grace, Lullaby Scoring Grace.

Also, the DVD case is made out of recycled material.

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