Monday, March 09, 2009

Watchmen - Review

Watchmen (Director's Cut + BD-Live) [Blu-ray]Wow. What an amazing movie. Watchmen is based on the serial comic of the same name. The story was perfectly and faithfully transferred into film. The film even feels like a comic book and I can remember each picture in the book.

What if superheroes and masked vigilantes were involved in the World's most crucial events (Vietnam war, the Cold War, etc.)? The story follows a group of heroes as they try to discover who murdered one of them, The Comedian, and why. It has been prohibited for heroes to use their powers and with the threat of an oncoming nuclear war, they have to make a decision and try to prevent it (circa US 1985).

The art direction, special effects were amazing. The fight scenes were graphic and amazingly filmed. Although it is long (2 h 45 mins), I hardly felt it as I was too engrossed in the movie.

Billy Crudup gives his character, Dr. Manhattan, the perfect detached personality that questions whether he has any remaining human proclivities. He was amazing in his performance and so were the other actors. The movie centers around the idea of humanity, hope and the loss of both. The heroes face the decision as to what has to be sacrificed to save the spiraling human race from itself.

This is a bold movie, an amazing movie, a must see movie. This was a gorgeous movie. It was an experience to see it. I must see it again. Very graphic (violence and nudity).

Now, a very good review by Roger Ebert here.

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