Monday, March 09, 2009

Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson - ok book

Destroy All Cars

James Hoff is a 17 year old high school students hates cars. They are destroying the environment. They are destroying the Earth. They must all be destroyed. He also hates consumerist society. It is also destroying the environment. James is an angry environmentalist that sees little use in food drives, bike paths, petitions, etc. They are not radical enough. The solution is to destroy all cars. But, James can't stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend Sadie. She is the president of the Activist's Club and is all for the petitions, food drives and bike paths.

The book is in the format of a diary, with James as the writer, which also includes samples of James' rather interesting essays, passages from a book he is reading and his daily life. The format is engaging and easy to read. It makes the book a bit more interesting. A book for teenagers.

I was not blown away by the book, but entertained. James is likable and his radical ideas keep the book going. His anger and creativity fuel the narrative and it is engaging. It is a fast read and entertaining enough for an afternoon.

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